Proof that I haven’t done enough things or met enough people.

Remembering a special dad today.

The William Tell

I have a very dear friend. A few weeks ago her father died suddenly and she sent me and several others an email to let us know and to put out a call for pallbearers. I had never done that before or been asked and since she was such a good friend of mine I responded immediately and without really thinking about it. I am glad I did it, but if you have never been a pallbearer before…they are heavy! Real heavy. No one thinks about that except the people carrying it and the people out there who have done it before. I am adding being a pallbearer to my bucket list…after the fact. You can do that can’t you?

The funeral was presided over by the funniest minister I think I’ve ever listed to. I was concerned at first and just a little put off, but he did a…

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