Remembering Boston

Travel is in my blood. I have visited many interesting and exciting places both here in the US and abroad. In July of 2004, I made my way north to “tourist” several cities I had on my bucket list: Niagara Falls (both sides), New York City, Hershey, Albany (state capitals), Washington D.C. And Boston. I absolutely fell in love with Boston. As a teacher, amateur historian, and writer it was a feast. I spent several days there and crammed in as many places as is humanly possible. I went to the Freedom Trail, the Public Garden, Quincy Market, the Harbor Islands, Faneuil Hall, and every museum I could. And that’s just to name a very few! I could have spent weeks thereImage. One day, I parked my vehicle and climbed aboard one of the sight-seeing buses just so I could get a better feel for the city and what it had to offer. I got a great feel and it has plenty to offer. I plan on going back very soon and spending more time there.

Of course, Boston is on my mind and in the thoughts of so many today because of the tragedy that took place there one year ago today. I can’t imagine the pain and loss that so many of them are experiencing, but I do know a little about the soul and spirit of the city. The folks there are friendly and welcoming and wonderful to be around. I have been in lots of places around the world and can honestly say that Boston is one of my favorites. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected.Image

“SICUT PATRIBUS, SIT DEUS NOBIS,” [God be with us as he was with our fathers.]


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