Mobile Quarterbacks Winning Isn’t New

Do future NFL quarterbacks need to be more mobile?

The Everyday Man's Sports Blog

Russell WilsonThe NFL season is over and quarterback Russell Wilson is now a Super Bowl-winning quarterback. And with that, he proved all the doubters wrong again. Many so-called “experts” said he was too short to get it done in the NFL. But the 5’11’ quarterback had other ideas as he won the starting job his rookie season and took off from there. But another thing happened along the way during his young career. He, along with Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III, San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick and Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton were tabbed as the next level of NFL quarterbacks that could run along with pass the football. While some of these quarterbacks can throw better than others, all four were expected to recreate the quarterback position. And all four of these quarterbacks have succeeded as they all have led their teams to the playoffs at least once in the…

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