Fast Food Forays: Should I Go Back?

I went to a restaurant not far from my home a few evenings ago. It was late and I didn’t want anything heavy, but just something to tide me over until morning. I decided on the smallest order of their chicken fingers. I still don’t know what to do with that term. Anyway, it was late so they had to “drop them” meaning I had a bit of a wait. No problem. And not that long of a wait.


When I finally got my order, the waitress at “Chardee’s” (not its real name) told me that she had given me some extra fingers since I had to wait. Cool, I thought. She didn’t have to do that. When I got home I discovered that she, in fact, had only given me the number that I ordered. Something in me got annoyed for a minute and I actually thought about going back. I had to catch myself. I don’t usually go back to a restaurant when I’m shorted an item or don’t get what I ordered. I figure if I don’t care enough to check at the restaurant, than I’ve just got it coming.Maybe I start checking either way from now on.



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