Breaking and Entering The Screenwriting World

Great advice for budding screenwriters.

Gideon's Screenwriting Tips: Now You're a Screenwriter

Barri Evans discusses the tricky world of breaking into the business.

Why does the industry say no so often to aspiring writers? They’re looking for talent? The next hot thing? If you want people to eat at your restaurant, you don’t keep the front doors locked, right? Or do you?

Advice for aspiring writers can seem random, contradictory, even useless. Worst of all, it simply doesn’t work! Some specify a certain page length. Another cautions against too many characters. Others warn against writing in certain genres. “No period pieces ever or dramas without names attached”.

Often writers are in the dark when it comes to the reasoning behind the “rules.” Firstly, rules are not rules but rather guidelines which become problematic when they are taken as the law.

Many career consultants offer valuable Conventional Wisdom, but in itself, that’s not a formula for success. When it comes to advice, consider…

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