Thanksgiving 2013

Today is Thursday, November 22, 2012. It is Thanksgiving Day. Many people will be out traveling the highways and byways of America to visit friends and family, loved ones and sometimes not so loved ones. We will engage in rituals that bring us closer to one another. We will watch football games and parades and movies and play board games.

And of course it will be a day of thinking about others. Lots of us will be serving in soup kitchens and collecting for the needy. It is a great day to remind yourself that no matter how bad you think you may have it–there is someone else who has it worse. I’m still looking at you New Jersey and New York. And the Middle East.  Today can and still will still remain a day to look up and look outward at a world that is, perhaps, needier and hungrier and lonelier that you may imagine and to help ease it  just a bit. Then we all win.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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