Hillary 2012, 2016, and 2020…

Hillary Clinton is at a very unique point and position in history. I think. I think she holds her own (and to a lesser degree President Obama’s) political future  in her hands. I know she has recently said that she doesn’t want to run for office, but I’m not buying it. Conventional wisdom is saying that President Obama will be re-elected–for a variety of reasons, but think of the landslide that would occur with the shattering of that “highest glass ceiling” if for some reason Secretary of State Clinton became the upcoming vice presidential running mate with Mr. Obama. (She and Joe Biden could just trade jobs). With all the hubbub over women’s issue lately, she would SWEEP that demographic and the support would cross party and racial lines. It wouldn’t be pretty. She has already amassed quite a CV these past few years as Secretary of State and has garnered the respect and confidence of the American people and the world–a respect that has eluded her thus far. The 4 years as veep would give her some “down time” to rest and enjoy her family and friends and then she could easily transition to president with almost incumbent status AND as a historical choice for a completely other reason!

How could she not do it? Hasn’t she always wanted to be president anyway? And wouldn’t that be one of the surest routes?

It’s almost too good to be true. And it would be a chance for vindication for the Clinton name. I’m just sayin’


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