Sunday July 3, 2011—Day 184/181 Remaining

Many of us are enjoying a long holiday weekend. Face it, many of us have been grilling, visiting, and/or traveling since Thursday or Friday. We are preparing to commemorate and celebrate the birth of the United States as a country. It was that day in 1776 that the Declaration of Independence was approved by the Continental Congress. However, it wasn’t until August 2nd when the official signing occurred. Wouldn’t this be a great time to read it again? There seems to be so much talk about it lately. Might be time for a refresher.

Here are some other things to remember this month:

Anti-Boredom Month, National Hot Dog Month, National Recreation and Parks Month, Read an “Almanac” Month, National Blueberries Month, Music for Life Week (1st full week), Space Week (3rd full week), and National Ice Cream Day (3rd Sunday) and Month.

Today is the “official” beginning of Dog Days (July 3-August 15) which are supposedly  the hottest days of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. I don’t know about where you live, but…it’s already been hotter than the proverbial “mug” here. Coinciding with those are Air-Conditioning Appreciation Days.

Enjoy your weekend! Live, love, laugh!


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