Happy Birthday to “Happy Birthday to You”

Finally got to say it. Today is the 152nd “birth” day of the composition of the most often sung song in the world. Mildred J. Hill, a schoolteacher, wrote the melody and her sister Patty Smith Hill wrote the lyrics to what was first known as “Good Morning to All.” It was first published in 1893 as a classroom greeting in Song Stories for the Sunday School, but was amended in 1924 to include a stanza beginning “Happy Birthday to You.” It is reported to be sung somewhere in the world every minute of the day. [And in our minds right now–go ahead, just try to get rid of it!] The original authors most likely received very little money from the song, but the copyright owners made about $1 million a year until its expiration last year.

Happy Birthday to all you June 27 folks!


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