It’s May already…thank goodness!

Murfreesboro, TN. It’s the beginning of a new week as well as a new month. It is also the end of an April that brought with it an ever-changing and ever more furious and curious spate of severe and extreme weather. And it doesn’t seem to matter what part of the country you live in; few were spared. The clean-up still goes on in many areas of the South–Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Virginia, the Carolinas, Georgia etc.. –and there remain many who are without power and permanent places to stay.

Today is also the one-year anniversary of one of the worst floods in Nashville history. It is unfortunately marked by continuing rain and the threat of  flooding in Middle Tennessee today and the rest of the week.

May has special days and weeks aplenty to celebrate and commemorate people, places, and things of note.

Today is both May Day and Lei Day. Lei Day is the Hawaiian version of May Day. It is celebrated by the making, wearing, displaying, and giving of leis. There is also a popular yearly contest in Honolulu where a Lei Day Queen is crowned. May Day has been observed since ancient times with festivals, Maypoles, and May markets. In the 1880’s it became known as a workers’ day and is now widely regarded as a workers’ holiday or Labor Day.

Today is Mother Goose Day. If you have (or know) a small child go ahead and  read and re-familiarize yourself with the “Mother” of all poetry.

50th anniversary of the Freedom Riders. May 1, 1961.


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