Beginning again

2010 has now come to an end,

And it’s time to be beginning again.

Well, it’s finally here. 2011 with all the hope and promise and possibility of making our lives and ourselves who and what we want them to be. I am not in the traditional sense going to make resolutions. At least not discrete resolutions. I just want to be the best me that I can be. No excuses and no whining. I think that in the past I have just set myself up for frustration and failure. Not this year. Today and everyday I am just going to be beginning again. Every day. Every minute. Every second. I can’t wait to see what is going to happen this year, this day, this minute. Joy in the journey as they say is the only way. Plan and enjoy your individual life and path. And don’t crap in anybody else’s. 🙂


National Hobby Month, Read A New Book Month, Oatmeal Month, Financial Wellness Month.

I just found out this year that New Year’s Day is sometimes referred to as “Everyman’s Birthday.” In some countries, a year is added to everyone’s age on January 1st regardless of each person’s birth. Interesting.

Paul Revere and Betsy Ross, both Revolutionary War participants, were born on this day in 1735 and 1752 respectively.

It is also the anniversary of President Lincoln’s  Emancipation Proclamation.

Haiti’s proclamation of independence in 1804 is remembered on January 1. They are still dealing with a multiplicity of issues from last year’s earthquake and the current outbreak of cholera.

As we make ourselves better, we can make our homes, neighborhoods, cities, states, country, and world better. Scary as this is, it really is up to us.

Love and Best Vishes



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