Still eight after all these years

A few hours ago, the district where I teach “officially” announced that school would be out tomorrow. Announcement or not, the amount of snow outside my door was a better guide than official-speak, but it’s always nice to get the call…and before the morning is a bonus.

What I am struck with this year is how excited I am after all these years at the prospect of a snow day. I could actually feel my blood pressure decrease! I suddenly got a “second wind.” It really does hold a magical-ness to me and so many others, I guess,  since school is and always has been such an integral part of my life. I have always attended one or taught in one for all of my life. It’s been a constant. And a snow day is like a freebie that everyone gets to enjoy. It’s a mass do-over. I realize it’s a pain for some, but as for me…I get to stay and play all day. Enjoy!!


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