Aviation History Month, Good Nutrition Month, Doll Collection Month, Child Safety and Protection Month, International Creative Child and Adult Month.

Special weeks coming up: Cat Week (already gone 1st full week), National Chemistry Week (this week), National Geography Awareness Week, National Children’s Book Week, American Education Week, (3rd full week for all).

Of course, Election Day was last Tuesday (1st Tuesday) and Thanksgiving is coming up (4th Thursday).

Of special note to me and so many others is Veteran’s Day this coming Thursday the 11th. Both Canada and the United States commemorate their countries’ war veterans on this day. I have never been in actual combat, but I did serve in the US Navy for a term and realize experientially some of the sacrifice and loneliness that those who serve our country experience. Whether in peacetime or wartime, being in any branch of the service is something to be remembered. Not just yearly, but daily. It certainly won’t be forgotten by ex-soldiers, sailors, and marines. So if you know anyone who has enlisted and/or who currently serves, be sure to thank them for making sure we can celebrate something as simple and regular as free and open elections. And please don’t take for granted the freedoms that we enjoy. The older I get, the more I realize how important an open and democratic society is. A glance at the daily paper or news can be a stark reminder of how important it is, especially if you don’t have it.


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