Still a Thriller…

I have many rituals that I enjoy in my daily, weekly, and yearly life as I’m sure many of us do. Some of them are unconscious and many, if most of them, we are barely aware of. One of my favorite musical rituals is to haul out my copy of the millions of copies of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and play it throughout the day. I usually start with Thriller and then I just let the CD/album play until I realize how really incredible this entire piece of music is! I keep forgetting how many great songs are on that album. There really isn’t a bad one in the bunch…Bad actually came a little later 🙂 Wanna Be Startin’ Something, Beat It, Billie Jean, Lady in My Life, Thriller, The Girl is Mine, Human Nature, etc., etc., etc.

I’m also reminded of the time I got to meet the King of Pop. I was working as an extra in California and got a call to go on a very secretive shoot. I worked with a company called Superior Casting in Los Angeles at the time. Sort of a temp agency for actors. Anyway, we were usually told who we’d be working with and where we would be going, but this assignment was different. We were just told to meet at “the beach” and a bus would pick us up to take us to the assignment. I went with a friend who actually had a “feeling” that it might be him and it turned out to be true! We went on a couple of day shoot for his second Pepsi commercial (not the one where he was burned…the latter one the aired at the Grammys that year). It was a crowd scene, but we who were there got the benefit of experiencing the energy of being in the same room with Michael Jackson. It really is quite electric. My friend even got to sing on stage at the venue. I also saw him in concert when I was younger and he was with The Jackson 5ive. In D.C. Long time ago. Now he is gone, but his music and memory live on.


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