An ailing president

Our 39th president of the United States, Jimmy Carter, has been in the news quite a bit lately. He has taken quite a bit of flack for some comments he made about the late Ted Kennedy. In fact, he periodically gets in trouble with things he says and does. He is currently on his second day in an Ohio hospital for stomach problems while traveling to promote a new book. And he has a birthday this Friday, Oct 1.

I have a fondness for President and Mrs. Carter. I was serving in the US Navy (same as Carter) during the time he was in office and respected him as my then president—policies notwithstanding—and Commander-in-Chief. Later after I had completed my military duty and he had gotten out of office, I got the chance to meet President Carter. He was out soliciting funds for his upcoming library (which I have visited in Atlanta–I recommend it along with any presidential library) and I was working at the company whose CEO he was visiting. It was quite an experience and I shall never forget it! I couldn’t believe that I was actually taller than he was. Or how unassuming the secret service can be.

Anybody else out there ever met a president? Which one?

Anyway, I wish him well and pray that he has a speedy recovery and a Happy Birthday tomorrow.


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