And speaking of reading…

This month is Library Card Sign-up month. I think that libraries are one of America’s best kept secrets. I personally make it a point to wander in and out of libraries when I visit other cities. I find them as alluring as bookstores as places to visit. Moreover, whenever I visit or move to a new place I visit the library as soon as possible. It gives me a sense of home and permanence. I feel connected to a community when I can check out books, videos, and other media for nothing. And of course I like to read so anywhere I can borrow upwards of 10-20 books at a time…well I just find that spectacular! If you don’t have a library card I highly recommend one. You might be surprised at what you can find there. Or not. Just get one to have one. Ben Franklin would be proud. Reading is fundamental.

Onto another soapbox…today is the anniversary of the first published newspaper in America way back in 1690…which is a special year to me–but that’s a story for another day. The name of the paper was Publick Occurrences Both Foreign and Domestic and ran only once because it was deemed too offensive. I am on a crusade to save the newspaper. I know we can get information from many places (i.e. blogs 🙂 ), but newspapers hold a special place in the American psyche and retains a romanticism to the act of reading like no other media can. So please, go out and buy a newspaper today…better yet, subscribe to your local paper. It’s not THAT much and you become a part of saving our newspapers. It really does matter.

This is also the beginning of “Banned Books Week-Celebrating The Freedom To Read [Sept. 25-Oct. 2]”. It will be a terrible thing if we lost the freedom to read what we wanted–or worse–didn’t read what we can. So many places control the flow and content of information that it is easy to take that freedom for granted. A list of banned books can be found on the ALA (American Library Association) website.

Check out the NAA for information and enlightenment.


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