July is here!

For some reason the month of June seems to have escaped me. There was so much going on in my life and the world that took and divided my attention. Part of it was that it was my birthday month and each year I decide to celebrate more and more of the month. I take about 5 days on either end to receive well-wishes and attend galas and parties–like Bob Hope! It’s great. By the time I’m 60 or so, I won’t be doing anything in June but putting on fancy clothes and eating cake. It’ll be glorious! And speaking of glory…

We celebrate the birth of our nation in a few days. July 4, 2010 will be the 234th year since that day. I have a military man’s view of this holiday after having spent many years “sailing the seven seas”. I also have a much different view of what it takes to keep a country’s people safe and protected. Those who continue to serve, whatever you views on war, deserve whatever support we can give them–prayers, cards, letters, more money, medical care, whatever. Remember them this year please and renew your resolve not to forget them. Spread the word.

And speaking of war, on this day in history the Battle of Gettysburg began in 1863. It was a three-day turning point in the Civil War and was a victory for the Union.

July is Anti-Boredom month, National Recreation and Parks Month, National Hot Dog Month, AND Read an Almanac month. The first full week is Music For Life Week and Space Week is the third. And start working out now because the third Sunday is National Ice Cream Day (I wonder who came up with that one.)

I guess most of us are taking a long weekend one way or another since July 4 is on Sunday. Be safe.


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