Any goal is better than no goal…right?

A woman in New Jersey is only the 43rd largest woman on record. She reportedly is not happy about that and intends to eat her way to number one. She wants to be the biggest woman on earth. Wow. I don’t know quite what to say about that. Are we that starved for attention or is that whole “fifteen minutes of fame” thing at work again? That would seem to be as uncomfortable as it would be unhealthy. And she has supporters” sending her food and coupons to help her along. Hmmmm. Ordinarily it wouldn’t be my concern or in my thoughts, but I can’t help but wonder who her health care provider is. Maybe her supporters will help her foot her soon-coming-if-not-already-here health care bills.

This can’t be a goal her insurance carrier is behind. I’m no risk expert, but…


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