I found a new list as we wrap up the month.

Pick one and enjoy…


National Nutrition Month
National Peanut Month
Music in Our Schools Month
Youth Art Month
American Red Cross Month
Foot Health Month
Mental Retardation Month
National Women’s History Month
National Feminine Improvement Month
National Physical Education Week
Woman’s History Week
Foreign Language Week
Save Your Vision Week
Procrastination Week
Girl Scout Week
Daffodil Week, American Cancer Society
National Wildlife Week
National Poison Prevention Week
Mathematical Education Week
Drug and Alcohol Awareness Week
Newspaper in Education Week
National Bubble Gum Week

8 – International Women’s Day
17 – St. Patrick’s Day
20 – Rotten Sneaker Day
21 – National Energy Education Day
21 – National Agriculture Day
22 – National Goof-Off Day
23 – Liberty Day, World Meteorological Day
26 – Global Understanding Day
29 – Vietnam Veteran’s Day


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