3…2…1 :(

My sincere condolences to Keith Olbermann and his family on the passing of his father earlier today. It is always sad when a loved one passes on; however Mr. Olbermann has been “watching and waiting” for the past few weeks while unselfishly sharing periodic updates with his television audience and family. I have never really come to a consensus myself as to whether it would be “easier” to have the passing of those closest to me happen suddenly and unexpectedly or over a period of time. I guess some things really are best left in the hands of the Almighty since He knows us best and what we can handle. I remember a few years ago when I watched another family deal with the sudden and unexpected death of another of my personal favorites, Tim Russert. In both of these instances I’ve mentioned, a common denominator is the great love and admiration they seemingly had for their fathers.

Rest in peace Theodore C. Olbermann; rest in His peace Keith, family and friends.


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