Whenever “Our Town” comes to your town…

OK. I can admit it now. I just yesterday saw my first production of the Thornton Wilder classic “Our Town.” I approach it sheepishly because I consider myself an avid, regular, enthusiastic supporter of all the arts, but especially the theater having both acted and directed for many years. I know its been around, but I just haven’t taken the time to see a lot of the classics. It’s one of those areas that lives in my “eternal tomorrow.” It is really quite a good play and the players at the Chattanooga Theatre Centre did a super job. So the next time you get a chance to see it or be in it, I heartily recommend it.

And speaking of our town coming to your town, congratulations to the USA hockey team for breaking a five decade old lock the Canadian team had on the sport. Congratulations also to the fans of both teams who showed a lot of class in both their friendly “trash talking” and in how they came together at the end of the evening to show it really is just a game after all. Sportsmanship on display. It was a beautiful thing.

Happy Birthday George Washington…what is it now 278?


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