Conflict Resolution, Anyone?

Flying a plane into an office building. Setting your house on fire with your family in it. Shooting up a faculty meeting at a major university. In the past couple of days, these are the conflict resolution choices that a couple of privileged and ostensibly educated people in our society have made. Really? How does it get to this point? Especially if you have money and education–the things our society says will solve or at least lessen the effects of our problems.

Now, like most, I’ve had my share of ups and downs in life. I’ve dealt with personal tragedy, death (not mine yet), money problems, family & friend friction, and job and career challenges. And, seriously, who hasn’t had an issue with the IRS or some other branch of the government because they are, after all, fairly ubiquitous. But, with all our resources and education, can’t we find a way to resolve our inner and outer conflicts without harming ourselves or others? I sure hope so. Life is precious.

Seek help and live. Seek to help others live.


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