An update on a bad case of gas: lessons learned.

A couple of weeks ago I bought a tank of what I thought to be gasoline, but it turned out to be what my mechanic laughingly called, “something that looks like root beer or syrup.” They actually saved it in a bottle and gave it back to me. Anyway, the morning that I discovered that my car wouldn’t start, I called AAA and the mechanic that came out told me that this happens a lot more than people think. He reported towing 6 or 7 cars one day that had all gotten gas from the same station in one day. He also said that it actually happened to him once. Apparently if there is sediment, water, etc. in the bottom of the tank then it will be stirred from the pressure of the tanker hose filling them. I actually saw the tanker there and pulled in anyway not thinking that it would be a problem. According to the tow truck driver I needed to wait a couple of hours.

Anyway, what do I take away and advise:

1. Don’t buy gas, if you can avoid it, right after the tanks get filled. Wait a bit.
2. If you don’t have a tow service with your car, than get AAA (or something comparable). They are usually reasonable. I have used them for many years and several times and they have always been timely and courteous and worth the money. You never know.


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