Fast food forays: Drive-in etiquette review

I don’t like to cook necessarily so I eat out mostly–which is to say a lot. This provides plenty of opportunities to observe strange behavior. One thing you should never do at a drive-in fast food restaurant is have multiple orders (wait for it) for people who are not in the car. You should also not have much, if any, variety in your orders at a drive up. The mother of all sins is to have a lot of different orders and have each of them change the order in some way. Unless, of course, you are at Burger King, but even then you don’t want to change them too much. I got behind someone who did both of those things. She had a piece of paper in her hand calling out different orders (presumably from the people back at the office) and having an amendment to most of the orders. When you come to the drive in just have your money ready and order by number. Otherwise just go in. Please.


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