A bad case of gas

It’s not what you think.

Yesterday I went to my local gas station for a fill up. Shortly after I left, my car began to sputter and miss and it almost turned off a couple of times before I made the less than two-mile trip back to my home. My problem: I had just filled up after a truck/tanker had filled up the in-ground tanks. It is not an urban myth and it can happen. In fact, the tow truck driver that came to pick up my vehicle told me he had picked up “six or seven” cars one day. And all of them had gotten gas from the same station that day. He also said that he himself had had to pay for a similar mistake. I have a relatively new car and thought that this kind of thing just does not happen in 2010. It makes for a very frustrating and very expensive lesson. Actually, now it may be what you think.


4 thoughts on “A bad case of gas

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