Whatever shall we do?

January is the granddaddy of all do-overs. Not only is it a new month; it is a new year. And this year we got a bonus–the start of a new decade!

I did make resolutions, but I’m giving myself a whole lot more leeway and laxity. I think that growth is on a continuum depending on the area you want to change and is different for everybody. I have several areas I want to work on–spiritual, relational, personal, business, etc. Surely I/we can’t expect or be expected to be 100% in ALL those areas beginning 1/1/2010 just cause I/we think it would be a neat idea!? I’m taking the Bob Wiley approach this year…baby steps.

In addition to January being National Hobby Month and Read a New Book Month, there are some special weeks and days in January to inspire us. The first full week (this one) is Spontaneous Celebrations Week and the last full week is International Forgiveness Week. If you’re stuck inside somehow as many of us are due to snow, ice, or extreme cold; it’s a great time for a spontaneous celebration. I bet, no, I know a lot of kids are enjoying snow days. Maybe not so much the parents. How will you “spontaneously” celebrate today, this week, this year?


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