Wounded soldier thanks community for holiday troop support

The Dalton Business Group hosted Sgt. 1st Class Jeffrey Boyles from Charlie Troop at the group’s recent bi-monthly luncheon.

The group, which includes military veteran Justin Hair, has been busy with the annual Support the Troops campaign. Boyles spoke at Cohutta Banking Co., which helped with the effort by collecting supplies and donating $200 towards postage to send the specially made boxes once they fill up. Dalton Box donated the boxes for all locations participating in the drive.

Boyles and others have been recounting their experiences on a “Wounded Warriors” tour marking Veterans Day. Boyles shared some of his own war experiences, even showing the group the Purple Heart he received.

“I feel so honored to get this,” said Boyles as he remembered and retold his emotional story.

Even more touching for the group, though, was what he shared next.

“You all thank us, but I want to thank you all,” he said. “You’ll never know how much the stuff we get in the mail means to us. Don’t ever think that the gifts you send are small or don’t mean anything.”

Boyles brought a box that contained things he had received during his time overseas. He showed and told about cards from children “who like sparkly stuff,” quilts that warmed him on cold nights and cold flights, playing cards and iPods that relieved endless boredom, heartfelt letters and chocolate chip cookies (but not in summer in the desert). Nothing, it seems, is too “small” to send to the troops. It all brings comfort, joy, and a little piece of home for the holidays to those away from theirs.


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