Happy Veteran’s Day; Sad Veteran’s Day

Special thanks to those who serve in any area of the armed forces: Navy, Marines, Army, Air Force, and the Coast Guard. A shout out to the National Guard as well. In addition to the many other remembrances this month, Veteran’s Day celebrations are also being held.

The official day is this Wednesday the 11th, but parades and other tributes have already begun in earnest and will no doubt continue long past. Besides, you can’t spend too much time supporting those who give and risk their very lives day in and day out. Unfortunately, the severity and source of that risk came from an unexpected place and took all by surprise. How sad when a trusted member of a community turns on its own. We can all understand that. Betrayal at its worse. Having been in the military, I can attest to the closeness of the bonds formed and the trust that is built in a military community. It’s difficult to break. But it was greatly shaken last week at Fort Hood.

My personal prayers, good thoughts, and well wishes to all those serving “elsewhere.”


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