“Don’t forget to stretch”

On my way out of the gym at zero dark thirty this morning, the sadistic personal trainer I had worked with for almost 60 minutes said (almost mockingly– I’m pretty sure) “don’t forget to stretch.” I’ve heard this before so it really didn’t mean much—until later. I’ve actually started a new workout routine, so I’d worked out harder and differently that I had in the past. It was good and awful at the same time. It wasn’t much later in the day that I began to feel the effects of the early morning, so stretch I did and continue to do. It really does help and it feels great.

I’d like to consider applying that advise to other areas. Body, soul, spirit, emotions, experiences, etc. Don’t forget to stretch. It seems that I (we) are being routinely asked to choose favorites. Favorite team? Ice Cream? Movie? Place to go? Automobile? Etc. The applications in many networking sites are bevy of quizzes and tests that can unintentionally narrow me, my world, and my thinking. They are fun and to be taken for what they are, but for me, I’m beginning to feel that I have to frequently choose between sometimes two (or more) desirable and equally valid choices. Why can’t I like all 32 flavors? Or want a different one each day of the month? Don’t forget to stretch.

Consider this quote:

“Each day do something outrageous to stretch
your mind and broaden your horizons, to
change the present and help someone become
something more than they were before-
and that someone might be you.”

Source: Harry Quadracci


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