October–beginning again

I love the concept of the do-over. Kids have it right. When they come to a situation in life (which is the playground for them) that seems hopeless and unresolvable, they just call for a do-over. Let’s try it again. Life has many built in chances to reflect, review, and re-evaluate. The beginning of the month is one of them.

Today is October 1st; a new month in a new season. Here are a few October observances that can open opportunities to think about ourselves and our world in a larger and newer and liberating context:

Month long: Breast Cancer Awareness Month, National Arts and Humanities Month, Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Filipino American History Month, Energy Awareness Month, National Pizza Month(yum!), etc.

Special Weeks: Get organized (first full), fire prevention (first full), Peace, Friendship, and Good Will (last).

There are many other days and weeks to celebrate in October. Free your mind and the rest will follow!

Happy October, Y’all


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