The race to be the best worst.

What is it with us these days? And by us I mean humans. Is it my imagination or do we continue to exhibit and/or revel in bad behavior? Have manners and civility gone out of fashion? Last night I watched one recording artist “diss” another recording artist live and on stage for no apparent reason other than a personal one.[ I guess waiting until later to express that opinion was not an option.] Last week a member of the government committed a severe breech of U.S. protocol by shouting down the president during a speech to Congress. First time ever.

Television is becoming fuller of people who will shout down, spit on, punch, slap, betray, double-time, and misuse others for…money? ratings? fame? That’s a helluva price to pay for 15 minutes. But, are we as a society buying what they are selling or are they selling what we’re buying? Who begats what? Aren’t there some things that are too expensive to sell and trade for? Like peace and kindness and goodness.

Words Mean Things


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