Fast Food Forays: Philosophy from unlikely places–So it has come to this

Several posts ago, I wrote about a particularly disappointing adventure in a restaurant regarding chicken. I simply refused to wait in a fast food restaurant for FAST FOOD. I was momentarily nonplussed, but I relaxed and have since gotten over it. Really. However, I have found out that calling 911 is the new and improved way to deal with unpleasant and/or personally annoying social situations. A few weeks ago, someone who didn’t get the correct change in a McDonald’s called 911 to ask for police intervention. A few days ago, I herd (yes, I know) that a woman whose cattle had gotten loose made a similar plea to our under worked 911 operators. And in case you forgot, last year John McCain’s brother called them to rant about traffic problems in our nation’s capital. As someone who spends a lot of time in traffic going to fast food restaurants…our 911 operators might want to get ready for the onslaught.


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