People Make Mistakes

It was as simple as that. Isn’t that the way it is most times though?

I was in Wal-Mart today buying a second gallon of paint in as many days. The man who mixed it the first time was also my mixer this time. I’ll call him Robert because that’s his name. I guess he felt confortable enough to tell me more about himself than I have told most of my family and close friends. [I am always amazed at people that can do that.] Anyway, he begins to tell me about some surgery that he had some time ago. The doctor who did the surgery made some mistake that almost cost him his life and he said almost offhandedly, “But he is still my doctor because …people make mistakes.” Then he went on with his story. The point being: I have heard that countless times, but never in the context of lifesaving–successful or otherwise. It hit me today like it never had. People make mistakes. I rarely gave myself that luxury. Or other people. Maybe those ubiquitous words of wisdom will “take” this time. I’m going to cut the people in my life some slack. And myself. Thanks, Robert.


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