Words Mean Things

Sometimes people will say things around or to me that will make me cock my head and furrow my brow (sometimes overtly, sometimes not). Last year, about two weeks before Christmas someone said this question to me: “Does your family like you?” Now, to be sure, I have been asked if my family and I get along or how the holidays are with my family or whether or not holidays are pleasant or not at various times; but to my memory I have never been asked if my family LIKED me. And I’ll bet you haven’t either. Think about it. And the question was asked by someone I had known less than six months. This could only mean that something was so evident in my character and personality that my family must not like it(and by association, me). Or that my family was unreasonable. How would they possibly know that? Or maybe it speaks to the other person. Either way, that’s a comment that says something; I’m just not sure what. Words mean things.


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