Goodbye Eartha and Harold

Eartha Kitt and Harold Pinter both passed away late yesterday. Each of them contribute to the world of theater and each of them were in my personal consciousness, so it was strange to me that they both passed on the same day–and a day I would remember.

I was first introduced to Nobel-prize winning writer Harold Pinter in a theater class I was taking at Pasadena City College early in my career. We were assigned “The Caretaker” and “The Dumb Waiter” as reading assignments. I have had no real further exposure with his work other than running across those volumes in my drama collection during my “periodic perusals.”

Of course, like many, I fell in love with Eartha Kitt’s penultimate performance as THE Catwoman in the early Batman television series. Thereafter, I enjoyed hearing the Christmas classic “Santa Baby” for a few weeks every year on the radio. Furthermore, as recently as last year Ms. Kitt was reported as performing and working out regularly…at 80! What an inspiration to never give up on your dreams and to work at what you love.


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